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Before migrating to Germany in 2000, Paul Compton worked as a consultant and trainer, providing services to SMEs in the United Kingdom and his native Australia, as well as editing and writing for a number of publications.

For more information on Paul’s qualifications, see the team page.

Business Communications

Paul’s communications background includes: teaching business English to the staff of multinational corporations and technical English at a private boarding school; writing a regular newspaper column; editing collections of lectures for publication; training small business operators in the art of online communication; advising major corporations on reaching the masses via the internet; translating everything from advertising slogans to financial reports; interpreting for business negotiations and for technical training courses.


Paul works with a number of other freelance language specialists in the fields of translation and editing, providing expertise in a wider variety of languages and subject areas and ensuring continuity and quality across the range of business communications needs. We are able to offer translations between most European languages. Please contact us for more information.